Our long-awaited dream… Finally we can offer our Clients and Friends our best selection of Wines and Spirits so that they can also enjoy them at home, with their family and friends, or that they can also give them as gifts to people they appreciate, those who feel so close although sometimes they live so far away…

A Selection that includes the best wines of Spain, from its excellent reserve reds to the best products from the Andalusian lands of Jerez or Montilla, but that does not forget the best choice of whyskies and malts, the exotic liqueurs from the other side of the Atlantic, or the best products from the Far East… A truly global experience!







At BeniAsia, the art of interpreting the aroma of wine becomes poetry and the sommelier becomes its most faithful interpreter. Huang, founder of this exquisite space, has brought together a careful selection of high-quality wines and spirits from around the world, creating an unparalleled destination for lovers of sensory experiences.
Each bottle selected by HUANG carries with it a unique story, meticulously chosen to ensure an incomparable tasting experience. With exceptional attention to detail and a deep commitment to quality, every visitor can appreciate the love and dedication that goes into each exquisite flavor.
Huang maintains that different wines are like friendships with different people, each one unique in its own way. This philosophy is reflected in the meticulous selection of their “wine boutique”, where each bottle represents the craftsmanship and passion that is infused into each drop.
“A friend asked us what our starting point is when creating this business. It’s precision,” shares Huang. From the careful selection of brands to the deep understanding of the production processes, grape varieties and other professional aspects, each step is carried out with precision and love.
Among his specialties is the coveted Japanese whiskey, a true treasure in the world of drinks. More than just a libation, it is a symbol of craftsmanship and rich Japanese culture, each sip telling the story and mastery of its expert creators.
In addition, BeniAsia offers a unique space to hold tastings, an experience that will surely captivate all fans and connoisseurs in search of an unforgettable sensory journey.